Walken vs. Norris: Moving Edition

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

I hate moving. I hate packing boxes; I hate unpacking boxes. I hate schlepping my belongings up and down stairs. I even hate watching other people do the schlepping on my behalf (years ago my friend Jed helped me move into my first Williamsburg apartment on the condition that going forward I would hire movers. I agreed and have stuck to that promise).

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Today’s poll, inspired by lunch: Chicken Salad Sando

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

There is an art to the perfect chicken salad sandwich. It needs to be moist, but not so slippery that you can’t take a bite without the contents spilling out the sides. It needs dark-meat for flavor, but it can’t contain connective tissue.

It goes without saying that both Misters Norris & Walken know this, but the question is Continue reading

1st Poll

Updated: After 1 week of voting, I have closed this poll. Click the more link to see the results!

The first poll in the Walken vs. Norris debate is just that:  debate.  More specifically, verbal debate.  Don’t delay, vote now:
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Chuck Norris is Following Me!

Damn that was quick. I’m being followed by Chuck Norris on Twitter! Follow me too @pfepher