Walken vs. Norris: Moving Edition

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

I hate moving. I hate packing boxes; I hate unpacking boxes. I hate schlepping my belongings up and down stairs. I even hate watching other people do the schlepping on my behalf (years ago my friend Jed helped me move into my first Williamsburg apartment on the condition that going forward I would hire movers. I agreed and have stuck to that promise).

Tomorrow, I move from Brooklyn to Manhattan and I got to thinking. From whom would I rather have help? Would Chuck Norris’ physical prowess make the move easier, or would Christopher Walken’s amazing sense of spacial relations as well as navigation be more beneficial? So I put the question to you:
[Updated:  Poll closed.  Final results, Walken 53% Norris 47%.  Closest poll to date].

What’s your reasoning? Leave a comment below to share with the world why you picked Chuck Norris or Christopher Walken!

Thanks to Jess for the help and inspiration. Thank you to Jed for forcing me to consider movers. Thank you to Jen for the Steely Dan Box Set (Christmas 1995?). Thank you to my wonderful wife for helping me get through this move.

Did I mention I hate moving?

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Also, if you have a poll you’d like to see, leave me a comment on the About page:


5 Responses

  1. OMFG! so going walken. there is no WAY that norris would be able to kick stuff all the way from brooklyn to manhattan. brooklyn to queens? maybe

  2. When I moved from Canada to the United States, it was an exciting yet stressful time for me. U-Haul made it so much easier on me. I was looking into renting a truck, but when I found out that U-Haul sells out their old rental trucks, I jumped on the chance. I saved money and I have an awesome truck that I can use for miscellaneous things. The best part about buying the truck is all of the free advertising space on the sides of the truck, I own my own business and it has been a great way to let the people know of the services my store offers! I’ve gotten a great deal of traffic because I am able to park the truck in various locations throughout the town I reside in and people can see my ad!

    • Thanks Heather, but I think Chuck Norris could kick your used-up-van’s ASS. Hell, Walken could kick your van’s ass.

  3. Um, Walken would be a mess. I’d have to send him across the street for a coffee run. Six hours later, he’d return to an empty apartment.

  4. Hey, maybe you should consider using Chris Norris (heehee, couldn’t resist). Seriously, though, I am a more of a CW fan. Specifically, I am a Bruce Dickenson fan. Strike against CN– whenever I see him I can only think, “Hey, there’s Trey A from Phish!” Crank up the Steely Dan!! 🙂

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