Walken vs. Norris: GM Bankruptcy Edition

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

With GM officially falling into bankruptcy yesterday, I thought it was time to switch to the difficult issues. No more of this “who would make better chicken salad sandwich” (as of writing this 59% of you think Walken), or who would win a debate (100% Walken – not surprising, but that percentage changes if you switch the format to “Town-Hall” style. ) No, today we ask the question:

[Updated:  Poll closed.  Final results, Walken 67% Norris 33%]

PS – as always, justify your vote with a comment!


One Response

  1. I feel as though Christopher Walken would have a better Board Room presence than Chuck Norris. Besides, with Walken, there’s a much better chance that the Board members would leave the room alive.

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