Walken vs Norris: “Nuclear Treasure Map” edition:

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

In today’s news: a 226-page document that includes details of US nuclear facilities was accidentally posted on a government website (click for full story).

Clearly, this shouldn’t have happened. This kind of information belongs in the head of only one man, but which one?
[Updated:  Poll closed.  Final results,  Norris 67% Walken 33%  NORRIS’ FIRST WIN!]

Justify your vote with a comment below.


5 Responses

  1. It’s a toss up. Neither would give up the info under interrogation. Norris is a badass patriot. Walken would have just forgotten what they were talking about. Even if he did remember, he’d be so confusing in his delivery, they’d give up.

    • Hard times raise hard questions. Of course, if these were the good old days of the Soviet Cold War, we could rely on Roger Moore or even Dudley Moore, or Demi Moore, or Dinty Moore.

  2. I know Chuck Norris
    I’ve worked with Chuck Norris
    Christopher Walken, sir, is no Chuck Norris

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