Walken vs. Norris: Tag Sale Edition

Tag Sales: Christopher Walken vs. Chuck Norris

Tag Sale, Yard Sale, Garage Sale – whatever you call them, the season is in full swing here in the Northeastern US.   On weekends, you have to be extra vigilant when driving.  The car in front of you may slam on their brakes without warning – stopping for the road-side treasures that are so commonly found at split-level ranches in the suburbs.  Even walking in Brooklyn becomes perilous.  Just this morning I nearly ran someone over when they stopped to look at a flyer taped to a light-pole.

It got me thinking:  who would sell better stuff at a tag sale?  Would Christopher Walken unwittingly sell his collection of vintage watches for pennies on the dollar? What kind of stuff would Chuck Norris sell?  Would it be all used, sweaty, threadbare gis, or could you score a working cornballer?

As always, your justification is welcome.  Just leave a comment.


3 Responses

  1. Was this a trick question? It’s like the SATs or something: what “crappy” old stuff…

    Clearly it had to be Walken because of the watches.

    • I’ve heard tell that Norris has a closet full of old clown suits. Would that change anyone’s opinion?

  2. If Norris has the Cornballer, he’s probably the only one who can withstand its third degree burns. Damn that George Bluth!

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