About Walken vs. Norris

In a world dominated by two men, only one can stand victorious. This blog intends to answer the question: who? Will it be Chuck Norris or Christopher Walken?

Feel free to make your suggestions for battles. We cannot guarantee we’ll use them, but if we do, we’ll give you credit, so let us know your handle.

Email us at walken.v.norris.blog (at) gmail


2 Responses

  1. Searched your site and there’s no mention of the Thunderdome?? What the heck? (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome)….all this crap about chicken salad and bailing out GM is why both Norris and Walken despise the Internet…..two men enter, one man leaves…..Walken or Norris, simple as that. Please give these two Olympians the respect they deserve by opening the Thunderdome!!

    • Dan, thank you. You bring up an excellent point, and as a reward, you have won yourself a Blog! Yay!

      No, seriously, I would like to give you this blog. As you can see, I haven’t been very active. I’ve been considering deleting the blog, but your reply got me thinking: maybe someone else would be able to maintain the concept.

      If that person is you, then please reply to this reply to confirm. I’ll email you to get your WordPress ID so I can add you as the administrator.

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