Closed Polls

Christopher Walken vs. Chuck Norris

The Archived Polls

Polls are no fun unless there’s a clear winner and loser.  To make that happen they need to close.  We’ve arbitrarily deciced that polls close 1 week (give or take) after publication date.

So, how did you, the readers, vote?

Date: 6/3/09
Question: Who would you trust with top-secret information?

  • Norris: C’mon! Have you seen “Delta Force”? 67%
  • Walken: Yes, but have you SEEN “Delta Force 2: The Columbian Connection”? 33%

Date: 6/2/09
Question: Who could have Saved GM?

  • Walken: soon to be heard at GM Retirement parties everywhere: “wait, this gold-watch was WHERE for five years? No, no, don’t worry about my pension President Walken” 67%
  • Norris: “New manufacturer incentive: Buy any new 2010 GM car, you DON’T get a round-house to the head. PS Financing? don’t ask.” 33%

Date: 6/1/09
Question: Who would you dread seeing [at the poker table] more?

  • Walken 75%
  • Norris 25%

Date: 5/29/09
Question: From whom would you rather have help moving:

  • Christopher Walken: because you just can’t hire advice like “Why would you want to move? You see, Brooklyn has… a bridge. But then again… so does Manhattan. I don’t know. But you can definitely fit that.. 53%
  • Chuck Norris: with just one kick he would move my entire apartment from Brooklyn to Manhattan, and my belongings would land all setup and put away – properly feng shui’ed. 47%

Date: 5/28/09
Question: Who makes the better chicken salad sandwich:

  • Christopher Walken: It’s moist, it’s tender, it’s… made of chicken. How could it not be… delicious. 61%
  • Chuck Norris: It’s divine – Chuck merely looks at eggs and the chicken salad hatches on it’s own – already on rye bread to boot. 39%

Date: 5/27/09
Question: Who would win a verbal debate:

  • Christopher Walken: 100%
  • Chuck Norris: 0%

Christopher Walken vs. Chuck Norris: The Score

Walken: 5

Norris: 1


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