Walken vs. Norris: Guest Star Edition #1 “Anal Bum Cover”

Walken vs.  Norris vs. Shatner!

Ooops!  “That’s An Album Cover, not anal bum cover.”

Anyway, welcome to the first ever Walken vs. Norris, Guest Star Edition.  This week we’d like to Welcome William Shatner.  You may remember him from such hits as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” “Rocket Man,” and “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?”

So it seems appropriate that today’s topic is Continue reading


Closed Polls & a New Page

Chuck Norris?  Christopher Walken?

Who did the public pick?

We’ve decided that polls will need to eventually close.  This way a winner can be determined.   Polls close 1 week (give or take) after being posted.  Original posts will be updated to display the results in some way.

To help archive the results, we’ve created a new page (see the main navigation bar) called Closed Polls.  This page lists the date, the question and the results of each poll that has closed.  It also contains a running tally of wins.

Feel free to leave comments on the Closed Polls page if you are outraged with a result, if you have recommendations on how to make it better,  or ideas for new polls.

Walken vs Norris: “Nuclear Treasure Map” edition:

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

In today’s news: a 226-page document that includes details of US nuclear facilities was accidentally posted on a government website (click for full story).

Clearly, this shouldn’t have happened. This kind of information belongs in the head of only one man Continue reading

New header!

Woot! I added a new header. Yeah, it’s garbage but I’m no Photoshop whiz, nor do I aspire to be. I’m sure Christopher Walken or Chuck Norris could have done better, but I got tired of waiting on them.

Walken vs. Norris: GM Bankruptcy Edition

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

With GM officially falling into bankruptcy yesterday, I thought it was time to switch to the difficult issues. No more of this “who would make better chicken salad sandwich” (as of writing this 59% of you think Walken), or Continue reading

Walken vs. Norris: World Series of Poker Edition

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

Poker has become quite the popular “spectator-competition” (I will not call it a sport no matter what ESPN says). It seems like every weekend there is a celebrity poker tournament on one damn cable network or another, so today Continue reading

Walken vs. Norris: Moving Edition

[UPDATED:  Poll now closed.  See the results on the Closed Poll page [link] or below]

I hate moving. I hate packing boxes; I hate unpacking boxes. I hate schlepping my belongings up and down stairs. I even hate watching other people do the schlepping on my behalf (years ago my friend Jed helped me move into my first Williamsburg apartment on the condition that going forward I would hire movers. I agreed and have stuck to that promise).

Tomorrow, I move from Brooklyn to Manhattan and I got to thinking Continue reading